The Beach.

When the temperatures rise, all the beach and sun lovers gather on the top parking deck of the Galeria parking garage at the main station in the legendary beach bar – the Sky Beach Stuttgart. 100 tons of white “Fiji” sand, palm trees, casual beats, countless sun loungers, MQ Viena lounges and the lavishly furnished beach bar make everything reminiscent of a relaxed Caribbean vacation. All this and the unique view of the surrounding hills of the city make the Sky Beach a place-to-be.

The Story.

It was during the time when the first beach clubs were opening in Paris and other metropolises that the dream of a downtown beach was born in founder Lothar H. Müller. But where? An aerial photograph in a newspaper was the hint. Why not simply move the beach above the city? So the idea of the Sky Beach was born in 2004 and since then up to 3,000 guests enjoy the “Sky Beach” every day.